Friday, September 11, 2009


Custom Biker Wallet built for Mike Zicopoulos of MikeZDesign, Los Angeles, California.

Mike wanted to replace his old Dickies biker wallet. The Dickies wallet is a great wallet, but he needed more card space and wanted to have a separate pockets for his business and credit cards.

I designed and hand tooled a western style floral pattern on the back and stamped his logo with a specially made metal die on the front flap. His logo was hand painted to match his business card.

The card pockets were molded on a custom wooden mold and hand stitched to the body of the wallet. These pockets are 5/16" deep. Plenty of pocket to hold lots of cards.

In addition to the ample card pockets, the inside includes a zipper pouch and a bill pocket. Between the zip pouch and bill pocket is a smaller pocket Mike uses for easy access to his vehicle registration and insurance card.

The wallet is entirely hand sewn using traditional saddle stitching. The saddle stitching technique will not ravel like speed awl stitching can.

Mike Zicopoulos is an excellent craftsman and I am very proud he asked me to build his wallet.

Take a look at Mike's wonderful furniture designs and exquisite craftsmanship at:

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