Thursday, June 27, 2013


Custom western rockabilly flair on a black and natural tan Precision Bass leather pickguard.
My pickguards are only sold through me to individuals. You may contact me directly. You will not find my custom pickguards in a retail store. NEVER on ...Ebay or on an online store that does not have  on it my name M.K. Holloway Leather.
If you see my pickguards anywhere else you are not getting the best price and it may be a copy.

My Western Floral pickguard designs are original. I hand tool all of my pickguards made to order. Screw holes are prepunched and each pickguard comes mounted on a one ply plastic backing.
I also tool pickguards for other guitar styles and models.

To see more of my pickguards at Just Outside of Dallas. Scroll down the page to view other styles and be sure to check out the News section to see what customers are saying about my pickguards.
Contact me.
If you see a leather pickguard with one of my Western Floral designs and it doesn't have my stamp it isn't an original, quality M.K. Holloway Leather pickguard.

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